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  1. plural of Hazelnut Talla Bolso De Asas Para Tobacco Mujer Brown Tobacco Única Zanellato v8Aqnfwq




amigos m pl

  1. plural of amigu


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Laser Fashion Handbag Pink Bag Messenger Leisure Bag Women Ajlbt amigos m pl

  1. Masculine plural of noun amigo. quotations ▼
    • 2003, Lya Wyler (translator), J. K. Rowling (English author), Harry Potter e a Ordem da Fênix (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix), Rocco, page 419:
      Seus amigos, Neville, querido?
      Your friends, Neville, honey?

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Bag Fashion Laser Pink Ajlbt Bag Leisure Messenger Women Handbag Noun[edit]

amigos m pl

  1. plural of amigo