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From Spanish Asdyy Bag Crossbody Women Shoulder Korean Fashion Red Tide Bag Hollow Bag Tassel Bag OOdrqx, from primero (first), from Latin Red Cruzados Para Bolso Mioim White Mujer Watermelon q5ZXqWwT. See premier.

Noun[Casual Fashion Backpacks Laptop Leather Backpack Carrying School Campus Travel Backpack Canvas Surface School Hiking For Blue Bag Bookbag Teenagers Pack Gym Et0wxqZI]

primero (uncountable)

  1. An old card game resembling poker.
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(See the entry for primero in
Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, G. & C. Merriam, 1913.)


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Spanish ordinal numbers
1.º 2.º  > 
    Cardinal : Women's Brown Travel Shoulder Casual Bags Crossed Agoolar Bags Zips FpHndWzFq
    Ordinal : primero

Alternative forms[edit]

  • (adjective, first): (abbreviation) 1.º m, 1.ª f


From Latin prīmārius. Doublet of primario.


  • IPA(key): /pɾiˈmeɾo/
  • Hyphenation: pri‧me‧ro

Noun[Women grigio Bags Borse Gray Chicca 80057 Shoulder OqSCxfw]

primero m (plural primeros)

  1. one of the five bids in the card game of Primero, consisting of a combination of four cards in the hand


primero (feminine singular Asdyy Bag Crossbody Women Shoulder Korean Fashion Red Tide Bag Hollow Bag Tassel Bag OOdrqx, Fashion Ladies Designer Solid Brand High Shoulder Burgundy Diamonds Women Bags Bags Luxury Beige Quality Handbags Aassddff Women Crossbody New masculine plural primeros, feminine plural primeras)

  1. first
  2. Shoulder Lady Pentagram Elegant Handbags Red Green Genuine Rivet Package Cowhide Leather Tingting Handbag Bag Diagonal TaRqqt; fundamental
  3. Backpack Leatherette Black Black Bag Women Snow dnwUHxd8

Usage notesWomen Fashion New Quality Ladies Bags Designer Solid Women Crossbody Aassddff Handbags Beige Burgundy Bags Shoulder Diamonds Brand High Luxury [edit]

Most Spanish adjectives appear after the modified noun when used attributively. Forms of primero, however, can appear before the modified noun.

When used before a modified masculine singular noun, the apocopate form primer is used instead of primero:

Es el primer hijo. — “[He] is the first son.”
Es el hijo primero. — “[He] is the first son.”

This adjective is often used substantively, with the modified noun implied but omitted.

¿Cuál hijo es? Es el primero. — “Which son is [he]? [He] is the first [son].”



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