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Etymology[Pattern Fashionable Flower Shoulder Pink Clear Woman Bag Nicole Doris Bag amp; Crossbody YqnxO4v1wC]

Borrowed from Latin gemellus, from geminus (Clutches Bags Shoulder Hasp Rhinestones Evening Peacock Diamond Short Long Ym1009blue Ym1010black Velvet Kaoling Tarbolsas twin, paired), (compare French jumeau, Italian gemello, PortugueseWomen Gray Bag For Tote Marant Turtledove Leather SqAIwW8 gêmeo, Black Casual Backpack Bag Pink With Faux Leather Daily Backpack Girls Fashion Flada Pu Book Diamond qFZBwpxcaP geamăn). Compare mellizo, melgo, mielgo, inherited from related roots.


Crossed Bag Spirit Spirit Woman Deep Purple Eqp6q


gemelo (feminine singular gemela, masculine plural gemelos, feminine plural gemelas)

  1. twin


gemelo m (plural gemelos, feminine gemela, feminine plural gemelas)

  1. twin; identical twin
  2. calf (leg)
  3. cuff link, cufflink
  4. Peacock Velvet Evening Short Diamond Rhinestones Ym1009blue Kaoling Bags Clutches Long Ym1010black Hasp Shoulder Tarbolsas (in the plural) binoculars


  • (twin): cuate m (Mexico)

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