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From solto +‎ -ar or alternatively from Vulgar Latin *soltāre (a root) < *solutāre, as a frequentative of Latin solvere.


Verb[Purse Bag Black Diamond Bag Evening For Rhinestone Clutch Women Evening Lwzy Rhinestone BwOg0xxHedit]

soltar (first-person singular present indicative solto, past participle soltado)

  1. to release, to let go


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From suelto +‎ -ar, or alternatively from a Vulgar Latin *soltāre (a root) < *solutāre, as a frequentative of Latin solvere.


soltar (first-person singular present suelto, first-person singular preterite Women Leather Shopping Satchel Bags Elegant For Designer Big Soft Travel Bags Women Bags Shoulder Pink Messenger Kyokim Bag HB5qwY5, past participle soltado)

  1. to release
  2. to let go
  3. to let loose (release from restraint)
  4. to give (a hit)


  • Rule: o becomes a ue in stressed syllables.

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