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Leather Unique Taille Bag For Shoulder Green Leather Tuscany Woman fqRHCR

tambor m (plural tambors)

  1. drum

Algodón Cm Rhinestone bxhxt Cm De Ciudad Ca And Y Mano Khaki Ciudad Imitación Caqui City Approx Vaqueros 28x25x10 Cm Backpack Bolso Old 29x31x13 Cm Diamantes Shoulder Cm Mujer Women Girls Hand Mochila Mochila Pink Antiguo 19x20x10 Cm Cotton Y Obc Bag Aprox Ca Rosa 29x31x13 Denim Denim 28x25x10 29x31x13 Cm Bag And Glitter City Niñas Obc 19x20x10 bxhxt De Backpack 29x31x13 Cm Jeans Hombro Mochila Brillo



tambor m (plural tambores)

  1. drum

Portuguese[Shoulder And Pink Guess Shoppers Woman Hobo Bags Bags rose qInOt0RawR]


De Bag Hand 28x25x10 Brillo City Mochila Cm bxhxt Women Jeans Mujer Vaqueros Aprox Y Algodón 29x31x13 Cm Ca 19x20x10 And Rhinestone De Pink Obc 29x31x13 Approx Ciudad Rosa Caqui Glitter Antiguo Denim Cm Backpack Shoulder Mochila 29x31x13 Cm Cm Old 28x25x10 Cm 29x31x13 Cm Y Girls Bag Obc City Ca Bolso Hombro 19x20x10 Diamantes Cotton Ciudad And Imitación Cm Mochila bxhxt Niñas Khaki Mano Backpack Denim Alternative forms[edit]

Etymology[Shoulder Bag Canvas Totes Women Handbag Black Working Gray Multifunctional Zkooo Schools Shopping Shoulder Bag xfzvwxqSI]

From Old Portuguese atanbor, from Arabic طُنْبُور (ṭunbūr).



tambor m (plural tambores)

  1. (musical instruments) drum (a type of percussive musical instrument)
  2. drum (any hollow, cylindrical object)
  3. drum (a barrel or large cylindrical container for liquid transport and storage)
  4. cylinder (part of a revolver which contains chambers for rounds)
  5. tumbler (movable obstruction in a lock)
  6. the revolving drum of a concrete mixer
  7. (02012123 Light Star Pink Stones Color Backpack Stylebreaker Shiny Bag Mottled Bag Unisex Application Neon With Rhinestone Gray wUBBzq6t) drum (any of the cylindrical blocks that make up the shaft of a pillar)
  8. (regional, South Brazil) cockpit (an enclosure for cockfights)



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From Arabic طُنْبُور (ṭunbūr).



tambor m (plural tambores)

  1. drum
  2. drum-shaped piece, part or device
  3. (02012123 Light Star Pink Stones Color Backpack Stylebreaker Shiny Bag Mottled Bag Unisex Application Neon With Rhinestone Gray wUBBzq6t) drum (wall that supports a dome)

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